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4u fiber optic shelf  
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This Fiber Optic Termination Shelf can be mounted in 19" frame installations.
4u shelf

4u fiber optic

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4u fiber optic termination shelf

The Optronics 4U Fiber Optic Termination Shelve is design for indoor fiber management which can be configured in many ways.

Optronics 4U termination shelves can be combined to create specific solutions and meet your application needs. They can also hold many of the standard industry adapter types like the ST, FC, SC simplex, and LC duplex.


• Mount in 19" frame installations
• Front plexiglass cover
• Slide-Out features and front mounting panels for ease installation, inspection and testing
• EIA-310-D compliant
• Electrostatic powder coated paint
• Slot for 12 modular panels, up to 144 ports capacity
• 6 shelves capacity for 12 to 24 splices

2U Fiber Optic Termination Shelf Specifications
Material Laminated steel
Finished Electrostatic powder coated paint
Norm compliant EIA-310-D
Modular panel Panels inside capacity 12
Maximum port capacity 144
Couplers in modular panel Coupler Ports Recommended capacity
FC MM/SM 6, 8 and 12 8
ST MM/SM 6, 8 and 12 8
SC DX MM/SM 6 12
LC DX MM/SM 6 12
Measures Length: 43cm (16,93”)
Width: 35.5cm (13,98”)
Height: 18cm (7,09”) - México / - México - Spain / - France / - Portugal

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