Fiber Optic  


Node Cable Assemblies


The Optronics Node Cable Assemblies are ideal to perform an excellent optical link, either in building cable or outside plant cable. This connection is critical to the installation and perfect for CATV Node Cable applications.
The Optronics Node Cable Assembliesare available for different customization: cable type (armored, dielectric, self supported, figure 8), cable lengths, and SC/APC Optronics optical connector.
Optronics Node Cable Assembliesensure high performance, quicker installations, and lower total installation cost. Cables are also available with a Nylon Web to protect the cable when pulling during installation.

  • ANSI/TIA/EIA-568.C.3 compliant
  • 900µm, 2-3mm Fiber Optic
  • Node coupler
  • Wide selection of cable types
  • Cable customizations
Outdoor Cable
Fiber Optic
(cladding 900µm, 2mm,
SC/APC Connectors
Protective mesh (optional)
Node Cable Assemblies Specifications
Cable Indoor 6 to 144 fibers distribution cable
Outdoor Any type of cable (armored, dielectric, self supported, figure 8)
Node couplerProtects the cable from tough installation pulling
Its main components are:
Metallic body
Inside nut
Outside nut
SC ConnectorLatching mechanismPush-pull
  Body Plastic
  Ferrule 2.2mm circonia
  BootGreen (APC)
  Polish APC
  Insertion loss < 0.1 dB
  Return loss >=55 dB (APC) >=70dB - México / - México - Spain / - France / - Portugal

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