Optronics offers special prices as a manufacturing businessá in the configuration of Fiber Optic Patch Cords, Fiber Optic Pigtails and Fiber Cable Termination, according to your needs

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  Push-Pull fastening   Plug fastening  
  Threaded coupling   Bayoner fitting  
  Plug fastening   Plug fastening  
  The PC, UPC, and APC polish provide a superior performance and high precision. cision.  
  The Optronics fiber optic is available in simplex, duplex, 6 or 12 strands, 1.6mm, 2mm, and 3mm covering; Multimode 62.5/125Ám, 50/125Ám, and Singlemode 9/125Ám.  
  Multimode or Singlemode. áSimplex fiber optic patch cords are usually used for long distance transmission.      
Manufactured in different connector configurations, multimode or singlemode.
  Double armor and Kevlar protection to resist tough usage.   Supports data transmission protocols for new technologies such as High Definition.  
    Ideal to keep organized wires, due to its capability to carry 12 fibers inside the Ribbon cable.   Ideal for FTTX, capable to a bend radius twice its diameter.    

From 30cm up to what you require for your projects.

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